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2 lb $15.00 $17.26
5 lb $34.00 $36.50

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You can mix and match any of the flavors in your taffy order to come up with the desired weight.


Regular Taffy Flavors

 Regular Taffy Flavors
Vanilla Chocolate Strawberry
Choco-mint Lemon Cinnamon
Black Walnut Peppermint Banana
Mint Molasses Licorice
Huckleberry Watermelon Peach
Blueberry Cherry Raspberry
Key Lime Blackberry Chokecherry
Pina Colada Chocolate Cherry Buffalo Berry
Black Cherry Caramel Apple Green Apple
Root Beer Bubblegum Cotton Candy
Orange Jalapeno Margarita
Buttered Popcorn Cappuccino Prickly Pear
Strawberry Cheesecake    

Sugarless Taffy Flavors

Vanilla Chocolate Cinnamon
Mint Strawberry Banana
Lemon Licorice Black Walnut
Huckleberry Chokecherry Raspberry

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